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Privacy Policy

(This information is subject to change without notice)

We currently participate in Medicare, Horizon (Blue cross/Blue shield) and soon some Multiplan insurances. We will be happy to submit charges to insurance plans we do not participate in, but only for covered charges over $200.00.

Referrals and pre-approvals

During consultation it may be determined you need a special dermatology procedure for treatment of a wart, growth or rash. These procedures will not be done at the time of your first visit because of scheduling limitations and insurance plan rules. Some treatments are not covered by insurance plans where they consider the problem "cosmetic". If this may apply to you, you will be given a form explaining it in more detail.


Appointments are scheduled Mondays through Friday in our Toms River office until 3 pm. Two or three weeks is the usual wait for a normal visits, but urgent appointments can often be worked in within 24 hours on the Website or if requested by a referring doctor. Call at 9 am to try to get a same day appointment.

Calls and Refills

For refills on prescriptions please call during regular office hours and leave a detailed message. Please do not call after-hours or on weekends for refills. You should allow 48 hours for the refill to be called in. Calls for problems and complications will be returned the same day. The doctor can be reached 24 hours a day for emergency situations. Complex forms that are not part of an office visit (including pre-approvals for medications) may be charge $10 per page.

Our minimum initial consultation fee for new patients is $110, and for established patients is $65. This may vary depending on the "level" of the visit. The level is a "CPT code" for a consultation or office visit that is based on the type and difficulty of the problem and occasionally, the time spent (if an unusual amount of time is needed). There are five levels for fees. They range from simple exams that didn't really need a doctor (level 1 -- removing stitches, checking blood pressure) to complex problems that require a comprehensive, in-depth exam (level 5). The CPT code for exams is a 5-digit number starting in 99 and ending in 1 - 5.

A list of several small items, such as checking several moles or refills on old prescriptions, will usually increase the exam one level. This will still happens even if they only each take a short time.

Fees for procedures -- anything more than an exam -- are in addition to the consultation. The procedure fees below are approximations only. Our fees do not exceed the "reasonable and customary" fees as defined by most insurance companies. If your insurance company claims our fees are excessive, don't assume they are accurate.

The new patient exam fee is not included in the examples below. It is separate on the actual bill. Your insurance may rebundle this and not pay the full bill, but the charges are still proper.

Burning off a warts or growths usually starts at $70. There is an additional charge for each wart up to a maximum. Repeat visits are less.

Diagnostic biopsies are an additional $70 and up plus lab fees. Removal of moles depends on the size, shape and location. Simple "shave" removal starts at $70. If larger -- or if it needs to be stitched -- it is more often $150 to $300.

Skin cancers removal starts at $100 more than mole removal. Mohs and Cosmetic closure is more and if complex surgery including a skin flap or graft is needed (which is not often) it may be over $1000.

Sclerotherapy of leg veins is $190 to $250 per treatment. One to three treatments are usually needed, and will not be done at the initial visit.

Intralesional injections are $20 to $120.

Skin tags are $100 - 150 per dozen.